S7 Edge Android System Battery Drain Issue.




    I just purchased my Galaxy S7 Edge yesterday (upgraded from iPhone 6) and was appalled at the battery life. 4 hours on a typical day of average use. So, I started researching and became aware that this issue has been going on since the last patch that Tmobile/Samsung pushed out. It's affecting hundreds(thousands?) of Edge users, and there's been no official statement from Tmobile, Samsung or Android about it.


    Here's a 206 page thread that is 5 months old, with 66% of users voting that they experience horrible battery draining: http://forum.xda-developers.com/s7-edge/help/how-experiencing-android-battery-drain-t3327730/page201


    Other carriers have pushed out an update that might have solved this problem for some people .... but that's hard to quantify.


    For an $800 flagship phone, customers should not have to revert to disabling apps/settings in their phone in order to get a full days charge. Something is very wrong here, and we all would really like some official statement about this problem. Considering that a lot of customers will be switching from the Note to the Edge (because of THAT battery issue), more people will start vocalizing their problems with the Edge battery life.


    Tmobile reps say that it's Samsung's fault - Samsung says that it's Androids fault - and due to carrier/OS fragmentation, no one wants to come out and officially state anything except that "Updates go through testing and may come to your device some day.". Can anyone at Tmobile confirm that they're tracking this issue? It would give some hope to customers who are on the edge of returning/selling/trading in this phone for another one. Or - in my case - switching carriers who offer faster device updates. (looking at you Nexus).

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