How do I sign up for government discounts?


    I am trying to see how I can get a government discount and upload my paycheck stub to receive my 15% discount.

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        Re: How do I sign up for government discounts?

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        I believe what you are looking for is the T-Mobile Advantage Program.

        The T-Mobile Advantage™ Program lets you receive additional benefits or rewards based on your affiliation with your company, organization, government agency, or military branch of service. (source)

        Please take a moment to read over and understand the Terms's & Condition's of the program, as they change periodically. You can also Contact Them or post back with any questions.


        The T-Mobile Advantage Program is also available to Students currently enrolled at select colleges in the United States. Please note that the discount rate you receive will be determined by the details of the agreement between your institution and T-Mobile; so these may vary. You will put your College/University E-Mail where it asks for your "Work/Organization E-Mail" and please check your spam folder for any verification E-Mails. You may need to provide proof of enrollment during the sign-up process.


        --The enrollment process will initially not take too long, however the bill credits/discounts may take up to a few months to start showing up (But may take less as well).





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