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    Haven't heard yet when Tmobile will officially release the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 4G, but how will the wearable 4G plan work with my phone number? Does it work like AT&T number sync with my same S7 phone number or do I have to have a new phone number activated? I have a Galaxy S7 Edge.

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      • theartiszan

        Re: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 4G

        If it is like the s2 you get a new number and have the option of forwarding calls. If they are linked via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi you still get updates from the phone and text messages. I have the s2 that isn't active on T-Mobile but I keep connected via Bluetooth and I can call and text from the watch no problem using my phones service.

        • tidbits

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          It will have a different number. Legere said he is working on something better than sync but haven't heard news about it since then.

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          • tmo_chris

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            Hey alex54,


            We are bringing the S3 to our lineup this fall! As far as the connectivity goes, we don’t have the specifics yet but I have a feeling it will be similar to older models as tidbits and theartiszan mentioned. You can keep an eye on our community here as we will have a special place created for all the S3 content.

              • gmtom1

                Re: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 4G

                I hope the plans for a one number strategy are still active.  It's been almost one year since T-Mobile indicated that it will be bringing a competing, better form of AT&T's Numbersync to T-Mobile.  I tried the call forwarding features when I had my Gear S2 Classic earlier this year, but the number forwarding is buggy and inconsistent.  Plus, it makes no sense to have a separate number for calls/texts sent from the watch - all my contacts will be confused and I'll have to give them my "new" number.


                Please get this feature up and running before you release the S3, otherwise, it's no bueno for me.

                  • helleseter

                    Re: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 4G

                    What I have found useful to do is to use a Google Voice number. Rather than sync calls between my phone and my watch (Gear S2), I have a phone number through Google Voice and I forward calls to both the phone and the watch. To make it work well, it does require that I keep my network connection on the watch always on, that way calls and texts always come through to both devices. This of course negatively impacts battery life on the watch.


                    This solution is also not entirely free of issues. In particular, the Gear S2 does not have a Google Voice app (as far as I know). If you are familiar with Google Voice, you will notice that when texts come in from your contacts, they arrive under a different phone number, namely a number that Google Voice assigns for that contact. This is not a huge deal, since the text will include the name of the sender, and when you reply to the number you received the text from, the message does go to your contact and it goes out from your Google Voice number. The issue is when you want to initiate the text. If you initiate it from your contacts on the watch, the message will go out from the phone number on your smartwatch, not the Google Voice number. There are work-arounds for that too, but it involves adding phone numbers to your contact list to include the numbers that Google Voice assigns to your contacts when they contact you.