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    I have a iphone 6, I want to know how to activate a t-mobile sim card!


      I have a iphone 6 cell phone.  I have a T-mobile sim card. I have been trying to activate my lock phone!  I tried to get connected to xfinity, no luck,  I tried to get connected to wifi, no luck,

      Help, I woke up at 1:30 am and spent 2 1/2 hours getting no luck,

      Got stressed out!!  for 60 1/2 retired midde school registrar. I thought it was easy!!!

      so if you guys know the answer to my questions, please, please help me!

      I do not own a land line, because I am on a fixed income... hello, if I would have known had this BIG problem, save me the stress of using a land line!!

      Why is a password so difficult!!  I got a stomach ache.....  I will not sleep until it's resolved!  My iphone 6 is my only phone.  and I don't want to bother my 89 year old god mother who lives across the street from me.  She doesn't to hear my problem about this stupid sim card she doesn't understand!!!