Which Plan and Services Do I Have?


    I have a $30 as month plan with Unlimited data (first 2GB at up to 4G LTE), 1000 minutes Nationwide Voice and unlimited text. Can someone tell me if this is a Simple Choice Prepaid or a Simply Prepaid Plan? It looks like "T-Mobile Tourist Plan". I bought the SIM card in T-Mobile Store and they said that the plan is monthly plan and I can pay for next month via website. But when I try to create new account in my.t-mobile.com, the website always show "Your rate plan is not eligible for online account management. From your phone, check your minutes by dialing #MIN#, data usage by dialing #WEB#, or call 611" when I try to create new account. So I don't know how to pay for next month.

    I have arrived in US 3 weeks, so I don't need a plan with lot minutes voice and unlimited text but I need more 4G data. What's the best plan for me?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Which Plan and Services Do I Have?

        That definitely sounds like our Tourist Plan. It also makes sense that you are seeing that message online when trying to access your account. The Tourist Plans do not have the ability to manage the account online as they are a one-time plan that gives you 3 weeks of service. If you are planning on staying in the U.S for longer than 3 weeks, this may not be the best plan for you. I would recommend one of our other monthly Pay in Advance plans which you can check out here.