International data problem S7 Edge / Marshmallow


    I have the plan that includes unlimited calls and data in USA and Mexico. But when I got to Mexico City I could only call and text. To use data I had to purchase a Movistar prepaid SIM that gave me a Mexican number and I was not able to use my plan at all. However my son's Galaxy S5 on the same plan worked fine as soon as we turned it on. I spent a long time on the phone with T-Mobile tech support but to no avail. My case was set to be addressed within 72 hours but by that time we were back in the USA.


    I did some digging around online and saw a similar problem with international roaming on Marshmallow (which the S7 has but the S5 does not) and that some carriers have patched the issue but T-Mobile was not listed.


    Has anyone else experienced this problem not being able to use the international data roaming with a Marshmallow phone?

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