Huawei Honor 5X - not receiving texts


    Hi all,


        I'm stumped.  My wife has a Huawei Honor 5X that I bought new from Amazon just over a month ago.  All was working fine until a couple days ago - texts she was sending were not coming through, and now today, her texts come through OK, but she cannot receive any.  At all.

       I've tried checking the APN and just about every other setting, restarted it numerous times, removed and cleaned the SIM card among other things.  Nothing's worked so far.  It's just odd that they send fine, but won't come in.  We use Hangouts for the time being as it works fine, but it is not set as the default SMS app on her phone.  I tried that, and it didn't receive anything when set as the default SMS app.

       Anyone have any other ideas or some insight as w=to what could be causing the issue?






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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Huawei Honor 5X - not receiving texts

        Hi there and thanks for stopping by.


        Since this stems form the default app, are you able to clear the cache and force stop that application? Might wanna restart it after that and give the messaging another shot. Let us know the results. Thanks!

          • krussadams

            Re: Huawei Honor 5X - not receiving texts

            Update:  I was concurrently working with Huawei directly on the issue, and found that apparently there was an update.  However, the phone did not see this update through the Updater app.  Further, after thinking about it, my wife said that the phone had updated a day or so before the issue began.  Huawei provided a link to the update,and after some effort (and finding out that her phone did not have the Local Update option available), I was able to install the update.  Immediately after the update was installed, the issue remained.  However, about 12-15 hours later, her phone went off repeatedly and delivered text messages from the last 24-48 hours en masse.  Since then, the problem seems to have been resolved and text messages seem to come and go without issue now.


            Prior to this, I did clear the cache and force stop the app.  I also did a backup and factory reset, tried different values for the APN, switched to other apps and set them as the default SMS app and a whole host of other things.  Looks like it was just a bug in the phone code (build number ending in B331), so if anyone experiences the same issue, upgrade to build number ending in D003 or later, and it should resolve after a little time.





          • magenta1510973

            Re: Huawei Honor 5X - not receiving texts

            I'm having a similar/same issue, but with the new honor view 10. My wife purchased it from Amazon and she can make phone calls, create and send texts successfully, but no texts come in from a response. I have tried the many APN settings that were recommended but that didn't fix the issue. I haven't tried clearing the cache in the messaging app or updating the phone but wanted to see if anyone new what was causing this exact problem to occur before I spend the rest of the night trying to figure this out! Thank you in advance!