Still no Samsung Pay on Gear S2 Classic 3G/4G?


    I just bought Gear S2 Classic 3G/4G & was expecting to be able to use Samsung Pay. I see questions from April & prior about it but nothing recent--it's now almost September & my watch & Gear Software say updated to latest version but I still don't have Samsung Pay. Any news on WHEN? Or how to update since I don't have it & app says latest software installed.  TMobile website shows an update available for S2 with a picture of S2 & Classic with Tizen version 2.3 which I don't believe my watch has.

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      • tidbits

        That's up to Samsung. Every country that has this watch with 4G capabilities and Samsung pay available don't have it from what I've read so far. Been waiting myself.

          • imstillayankee

            yeah, thanks. At least it's kind of good to know there isn't some malfunction with the software that an update isn't working.  But the watch came out in March, advertised with Samsung Pay, someone on the board asked a similar question back in April & still no Samsung Pay. Other than the ability to make calls & text, it's probably the 3rd most important feature that I got the watch.  Shame because it is really nice, other than battery only lasted 12 hours after 3, 4 minute phone calls and about 10 texts while on 3G network only (no Bluetooth or wifi).  That was almost as disappointing as not having Samsung Pay!

              • tidbits

                To be expected with a battery that small. Samsung pushed out the update to the Bluetooth ones recently. We've been waiting for the 3G/4G ones to get that update. What I speculate we are waiting for Qualcomm to approve or update their drivers as we have more hardware than a Bluetooth brethren.

                  • imstillayankee

                    AS far as the battery life goes, after reading a lot about other users getting more than a solid day with use similar to mine I just thought it odd I wouldn't even get 12 hours with what I would consider light use.  I did use a golf GPS app yesterday that only used about 35% after 9 holes which impressed me.  Those apps on my phone use about that much or more & my watch was more accurate and faster to update than my Edge 6+ is on the course.

                      • tidbits

                        I get around almost 2 days of usage with my watch. I dont use it very much, but it's handy if i forget my phone. I am happy with that. S3 is supposed to be announced soon.


                        My money is Samsung is withholding the Samsung pay due to something wrong with it and 4G radio which the Bluetooth version doesnt have. In Europe which also has Samsung pay and is more "friendly" with updates also doesn't have it on their 3G/4G version.

                  • imstillayankee

                    FRom what I've read, now it's up to the carriers--Samsung supposedly released the update to them in early August.  I was speaking with a TMobile rep who seemed to know what they were talking about at a local company owned store 2days ago & it was their understanding it would be in a software update on Aug. 31.  Well, I got the update this morning & surprise, surprise---NO Samsung Pay in the Gear software update & no update for the watch.  I plan on going to my local Best Buy today, they usually have a Samsung rep in the store, I'll see what I can drag out of them & will update with any info--or none, that I get.  If I don't get any answers I plan on filing a complaint with my state Attorney General.

                      • tidbits

                        Supposedly is speculative. Not once has anyone provided proof other than some low level rep saying whatever to get you off the phone. If the carriers actually had it and the rep was forth coming on it then they should be able to provide written or documented proof which they NEVER do. There has been multiple times in the past 6 years it has been debunked from various devices. HTC for example has been more forth coming about the process.


                        Samsung back in the day for the vibrant had so many leaked software updates all coming from Samsung internal beta program.  People kept blaming T-Mobile for the lack of updates even though Samsung wasn't even finished working on the update.


                        Don't believe low level reps unless they are willing to give you something tangible.

                          • imstillayankee

                            Not that it matters a whole heck of a lot but it was a supervisor at a company owned store who made a phone call (to whom, I don't know). Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to get to BB today, hopefully tomorrow.

                              • theartiszan

                                When you do, let us know. I would like pay on mine and sleep tracking.

                                  • imstillayankee

                                    well, I did waste my time & speak with the Samsung rep at BB.  Call me an idiot or maybe I'm just conscientious but I would think that someone whose job it is to help customers with the latest tech their company sells would at least be knowledgeable about that latest tech!

                                    Anyway, the rep at least knew that the watch didn't have Samsung Pay but like tidbits has been saying, he had no clue about when it would be available.  He then went online & did the same thing I've been doing since I got the watch--checked every pertinent forum.  He also called 'someone he knew who might be able to give him more details' who also had nothing more to offer than it comes when it comes.

                                    So now I'm left with filing a complaint with the state AG which I will do Tuesday. But I may wind up bringing the watch back to TMobile before it's too late.  I love everything else about the watch but I can't stand being lied to.  This is like buying an LTE phone only having to wait some unknown length of time for an update to enable LTE, buying a bluray player expecting HD Master Audio only to find you have to wait for an update when the manufacturer gets around to it, or buying a smart tv only to have to wait for an update to enable the smart features!  Now, if they hadn't advertised it having this feature & just announced that it would be enabled in a future update, I wouldn't have a problem but this is almost like bait & switch where we're left to the mercy of the manufacturer if they are going to give us features we paid for.

                                  • tidbits

                                    Any store manager wouldn't know more than the person you call over the phone. For example even they dont know when a new product is being shipped to them until front office tells them same as the guys answering the phone. If he was able to call someone those same CSRs should have the same numbers to call them. Chances are He called Customer care at Samsung and he fot that blanket answer from a CSR rep.


                                    :) So far Samsung hasn't finished. Just looking over the pond they are waiting too. No one can argue how much faster they get updates than we do. If they havent gotten it then there is no way US carriers have said update.

                            • kevmo710

                              Looks like the Verizon Gear S2 got the update Screenshot_20160917-162927.png