Both my wife's lumia 640 died last night.  2 stop working on the same day?


    Totally Serious. My wife had 2 lumia 640 t-mo phones (one work,  one personal). Last night both freeze and attempting to restart them ends in bootloops - t-mo screen to the windows, then dark,  back to the t-mo screen ad infinitum.


    These phones were bought months apart at different stores. I can't even begin to his guess how  unlikely it is that they would both FAIL on the same day.


    I tried soft resets. That bootlooped.  Hard resets led to a backlit black screen and a hot device.  Microsoft lumia recovery tool reflashed the software and the phone would start.  Choosing no backup I did briefly get one of the devices to work. It lasted minutes until a freeze which needed a soft reset and bootloops. 


    For all intents these are bricks.  But seriously,  2 on the same day?  How is that even possible?

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