Activation Fee/Expiration of a prepaid sim card?


    Hi,  I have an unlocked phone and I want to start using t-mobile simply prepaid plan. I already checked that it is compatible. If I understand well, first step is getting a sim card. Once I get the sim card, I activate it and then I need to call t-mobile to switch to the simply prepaid plan ($40 for 30 days, 3 Gigas). Is this the process? Is there an activation fee associated with this? Also, I travel a lot and sometimes I am abroad for a few months. How can I avoid being charged one specific month if I am not in the USA? When does the sim card expire if it is not recharged for a while? Thanks a lot!!!

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      • smplyunprdctble

        I don't recall activation fees.


        If you go away for a few months, you'll need to change to Pay As You Go (PAYG).  However, when you come back, you'll only be able to select from current plans.  If the plan you're currently on goes away, you'll be out of luck if what's available is more expensive.  Your "months" start when you change from PAYG back to a monthly plan.


        If you run out of funds on your account, you have 90 days before the SIM goes dead forever.