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    weak signal


      wondering if anyone else is experiencing weak signal strength with the Note7.  mine only pulls in a 1-2 bar (dBm's vary between 115-122). My note5 in the same room can pull in an almost full signal (upper 80s-low90 dBm).  I am also assuming this poor signal is the reason for my dismal battery life. I haven't even loaded apps yet so it's been pretty much stock for the past week.

      I bought the phone outright online, and am also wondering if a return is possible/how to go about it?  it's a nice device, but as a "phone" it is disappointing:( my note 5 performs better than the note7.

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          Oh man, that's disappointing. It's not something I've seen reported on elsewhere, so I'm sort of wondering the possibility that it may be a manufacturer defect.


          Depending on where you purchased the device, you typically have 14-20 days for a return or direct exchange.


          Please keep us updated if you end up on an exchange route, I do my best to try and keep notes like this on devices for users when they ask about purchasing!



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            Thank you for the reply Lauren! I too have not seen any similar issue on the various forums. i preorded it via the t-mobile website. the device is really nice but so far it's not living up to a "phone":(


            As far as exchanging goes, do you know if Tmobile will exchange it or do i have to inquire with Samsung?? can i initiate an exchange process on tmo website? i have my Note 5 i can use in the meantime, but i will use the 7 for a few more days to see if there's any improvement.

            thanks again!

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              If you purchased it through us, you can return it to us! Since it was through the website, you'll just need to contact support, get the return info for your specific order, and then we'll get you through the return process and out a new phone! Exchanges aren't able to go through the site itself, but if you prefer not to call, we have representatives on FB and Twitter that can access your account (I can't since this is a public facing forum and not secure for days collection) and facilitate the exchange. 

              This should help https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2624

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                Thanks again for all the info Lauren! I will probably try and exchange it, as I really like the device!:)  I'm hoping it's just a fluke with the radio in mine as no one else seems to be having an issue.  even when out and about, it'll never grab a full signal, it'll just fluctuate between 1-3 bars. my note 5 in comparison pulls in a full signal (80dBm)

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                  Fingers crossed it's just a fluke!


                  Keep me updated, I would love to know if the replacement works out better!



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                      I too have experienced the low signal. I used to get great signal on my LG

                      G 4. However, on my note, I'm getting 2-3 bars. Inside the airport, it

                      barely works. At my job not so well also. Used to get great signal on my

                      older phone.

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                        Me and wife having the same issue of getting low signals of LTE on our Note 7. The places where I got strong LTE signals with my Note 5 before, getting one bar or 4G signals (very slow). This is annoying for both of us as we can't use the data when needed. I don't know if this is a hardware or a software issue but needs to resolve soon. 

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                          The plot thickens now that others have chimed in!




                          Does anyone have side by side comparisons where one device is getting stronger signal than their Note in the same location at the same time?



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                            Unfortunately, I have returned both of my devices as I did JUMP upgrade. The experience is based on everyday use in home, office and other common places. Me or my wife didn't have any issues with weak signals on both Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. I don't want to return the devices and get the same issue with the new ones. T-Mobile/Samsung should perform testing and come up with a solution.


                            Muhammad Haider

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                              im getting 3 max//avg 1 bar in city.LOST ALL MOBILE DATA LAST NIGHT FOR 13 HRS PERIOD. IM NEW CUSTOMER. ITS SICKENING

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                                it looks like there are others out there with a noticeable weaker signal like me:(  Wondering if you're devices were an early production batch? did you pre-order/order early?? I reached out to twitter and they referred me to telesales. I have not called them yet as I haven't decided wheter to exchange or return.  I too would hate to go thru the exchange only to receive a device that can't pull a usable signal. I like the device but I may just have to go back to my note5. if it's a hardware issue I would assume there would be lots more people experiencing this. and I'm running the note7 completed stock with no apps so surely the weak signal is killing the battery.

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                                  post ordered...verizons venom

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                                    I too have been having severe Signal issues with my TMobile Note 7.. I have owned Android phones with T-mobile since the G-1.. MyTouch3G... all the Notes before this one..etc.

                                    And this phone will show 4 bars and when I try to do something it says not connected to a network... or It will have cellular, but not data connection.. or I will make a call and use data and be fine like tonight...set it down...and pick it up 30 min later wondering why I never heard back from my girlfriend...and it showed not bars with an "X" and no data... had to force reset it...and then had cellular but no data... had to have t-mobile customer care reset my phone from their end... Exchanging the phone tomorrow ( if the store has any in stock)... This phone is having severe issues with connection and data in places my Note 5 had none. 

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