Got back my LG G3 Today after LG Repairs and Upgrade Android 6.0 Marshmallow and D85130d


    Hi Guys:


    I got back my repaired  LG G3 today from LG. First of all, I had been having the issues like many where my Wi-Fi would not enable, my phone was freezing and fading to black and I had reboot loops since D85130d Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


    LG said I had components on my board that were damaged. They charged me $78 to repair it and I got it back in about 11 business day turnaround (inclusive of time to ship and receive the device from both myself and LG).


    So far the phone seems fine, LG put back D85130d on the phone, I had sent it with D85130e. So for those who have not upgraded as yet, I suggest you don't since they rolled back my phone. I am able to use all functions so far including the Wi-Fi, other issues seemed to have been resolved as well.


    Most notable issue which still remains since D85130d is that the device gets excessively hot even outside of the case within just 5 minutes of use. I hope our forum advocates here can get the to address this.


    If anyone needs help with the return / repair process, please contact me I will guide you accordingly.

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