Dear T-Force Team,


    I am a loyal T-Mobile customer for years.


    Recently my credit score has been dropped dramatically due to a debt that I believed it had already been settled with T-Mobile in my previous account for a year ago.


    Last year, I called and spoke to many T-Mobile representatives over the phone (they kept transfer me to different representatives), tried to solve any outstanding payments that I had before I closed the account, so I could peacefully traveled abroad (for 3 months) without any worries about past-due that could potentially effect my credit score. At the end of our conversation, I remember the representative said that everything has been taken care of, and I am all set. And I totally believed her!!


    Since then, I have never received any written notice or information by mail / email / or phone massages in regards to this debt. So in my mind, I always believed that everything  has been settled down. If not, I would have paid it for it immediately.

    My heart went broken when I checked my credit report and saw a dramatic drop of my credit score, because I have been working responsibly to pay all my bills on time. I was very pissed and upset. I have never expect that it would happen, especially with my favorite carrier company, T-Mobile. T-Mobile has never reached out and contacted me for almost a year, and then all of the sudden, you guys sent me directly to a collections agency.

    So now, I really want to dispute the debt and verify it.

    1. I called 611 from my current T-Mobile number, and was able to switch to my previous account on T-Mobile automated phone system. I entered my previous phone number, and the system pulled out the payment record that said "I have owed $671.18, it dues on Aug 28 of the amount $336.84 has been past due for 22 days. T-Mobile got a payment on July 25 of $444.73." And it recommended me to pay the past due amount of $336.84 in order to keep the plan active!!

    However, I needed more clarification from T-Mobile. Therefore, I came to have a lived chat with Rovy, a T-Mobile online representative. I told her about my problem, and she said there is debt under my previous account and it has been transferred to a debt collection agency, Convergent Outsourcing Inc. She recommended me to contact the agency directly because there is nothing she could do on her end.

    After researching for the best solution, I believe T-Force Team would do something to help me first, because I'd like to work with T-Mobile directly to pay off my debt in full, without having to go to the Debt Collection agency.

    I don't have any issues paying off my debt, and I am more than willing to work with T-Mobile to resolve this issue IMMEDIATELY!!

    I really want this removed from my Credit report ASAP, as it is damaging.


    I would like to E-Mail directly if it's possible for guidance of how to solve this.


    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


    Thank you!

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