So pissed.. customer service mgr blamed CEO wtf.


    So on August 9th at 420 I had a live conversation with tmobile live chat and asked about getting the Samsung note 7. The store had said 569. Down-payment.  So begin to speak to lady and she told me my payment would be 372.00 and 7.84 a month for 18 months. Okay great I even asked several times to make sure.. she said yes.. so now comes today 8/18. I went on line to live chat to pre order and now a new lady says no down payment will be 468.00 and 11.86 a month.. I told her I had printout from previous conversation and she said nothing she could do to call  number.. so I did speak to a gentlemen and he said yes it's 468. Down I told him about the printed paperwork that it should be 372. He then told me to take to the store and they should be able to fix.

    So I head to the store. Walk in and tell them the issues. They said the Down-payment would be 569.00 okay at this point now I'm getting mad. They begin to tell me they can't change the price at store level but customer can so I have to call them again..

    I get home I call them get a so called manager and he begins to tell me he does see her telling me there is a 372 down payment but his computer is pulling up a 501 down payment. I have 4 different down payment prices and the 372 they say I can not have at all. Began to tell it might of been during a promotion but yet the originally lady never said anything about promotion. He then says that there is nothing him as a manager can do bc the CEO of the company blocks them changing any prices.. he said that during week of 8/2 to 8/9there in fact was a promotion for Jump! On demand customers which no one knew about lol and that where price came from but in fact I specially said I'd get phone on Thursday 8/18 and lady said just call number and order. The so called manager said how he couldn't fix anything nor would they try bc of the CEO.. what a way to take care of your customers.. blame the CEO bc your live chat person gave someone a quote and you can offer that all of a sudden.  Unbelievable I'm think about changing carries bc they won't help.

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      • e2k

        Welcome to the wonderful world of low level sales/customer care reps, where the truth is relative to each and every person you speak with. It seems like one has the choice of either taking whatever offer is presented to them at the time, or waiting, and receiving a different offer.


        As an alternative, I suggest shopping online at The website should be able to give you a down/monthly price based on your credit record. If you go ahead with the sale, I find it unlikely that the website would change its mind.

        • tmo_lauren

          I'm so sorry about the negative experience.


          I'm never in support of a blame game so I'm sorry it boiled down to that, but it is true pricing is subject to change and representatives aren't able to change down payments. The first representative should have advised you pricing is always subject to change as that is indeed the case.


          We do hope you consider staying, the device cost will ultimately be the same, but I know that's not of much comfort when you were expecting to pay x for a phone only to find out it's more.


          If you have any other questions or concerns I can address, I'll be happy to get them passed along as this is not the experience we want to see for our customers.



          • drnewcomb2

            If every time you call, they pull your credit, then your credit score will go down each time and the down payment will go up.