How do I get charged for 4 times of taxes for 3 lines?


    Can you explain why there are 4 times of taxes for a plan of 3 lines?  Description of the taxes are listed below for the recent bills:


    accountCA Advanced Services Fund0.14
    line1CA Advanced Services Fund0.02
    line2CA Advanced Services Fund0.04
    line3CA Advanced Services Fund0.01
    accountCA Relay Service and Communications Device Fund0.15
    line1CA Relay Service and Communications Device Fund0.03
    line2CA Relay Service and Communications Device Fund0.04
    line3CA Relay Service and Communications Device Fund0.01
    accountCalifornia High Cost Fund - A (CHCF-A)0.11
    line1California High Cost Fund - A (CHCF-A)0.02
    line2California High Cost Fund - A (CHCF-A)0.02
    line3California High Cost Fund - A (CHCF-A)0.01
    accountCalifornia Teleconnect Fund0.33
    line1California Teleconnect Fund0.05
    line2California Teleconnect Fund0.07
    line3California Teleconnect Fund0.02
    line1City 9113.17
    line2City 9113.17
    line3City 9113.17
    accountEmergency Telephone Users Surcharge Tax (911)0.21
    line1Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Tax (911)0.02
    line2Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Tax (911)0.05
    line3Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Tax (911)0.02
    line1Federal Universal Service Fund0.13
    line2Federal Universal Service Fund0.34
    line3Federal Universal Service Fund0.13
    accountFederal Universal Service Fund1.37
    line1Regulatory Fee0.01
    line2Regulatory Fee0.01
    accountRegulatory Fee0.07
    line1Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee2.71
    line2Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee2.71
    line3Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee2.71
    accountUniversal Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge1.69
    line1Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge0.29
    line2Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge0.36
    line3Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge0.11
    accountUtility Use3.29
    line1Utility Use0.57
    line2Utility Use0.73
    line3Utility Use0.23

    I have been over charged about $7-8 every month for the past bills, is there any way to get refund for these, Thanks!

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