Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Faulty WiFi can't keep a connection


    I've seen many people complain about the wifi connectivity on this phone. Supposedly for some carriers it's been, "Resolved" in a way that many people don't notice it's flaws.
    However the way I use the phone, the wifi flaws are unacceptable.


    I expect (especially out of an almost 800 dollar phone) this to be a fully capable device.


    Here is how I use the phone:


    Constantly connected to wifi networks, using a VPN connection to my home.


    The issue I have:
    The wifi connection drops for a second and reconnects fairly often.




    The issue is that most wifi networks I use outside the home have a splash page that requires https authentication.


    When I have an always-on VPN connection, this does bad things. it will refuse to authenticate the splash page, which then requires me to shut down my vpn (which is a hassle of going through all the menus) then authenticate the splash page, then reconnect to my VPN connection. I have an in-home L2TP VPN.


    No one suggest it's a "router issue." Not only does this happen on all networks, regardless of whether I am home or not, regardless of whether I am on VPN or not, it happens, quite often. This also of course affects wifi calling and I experience a dropped call.


    I have a Ubiquiti edgerouter that handles DHCP with a wireless access point set in bridge mode. It's rock solid, it's very stable.



    Can anyone else confirm this issue on their device? Is it specific to the gold model? I would hate to return my new phone for a refurbished one, especially since mine is perfect in every way. I probably will end up selling this phone, but I am so disappointed in literally the most expensive phone you could buy (before the Note 7 of course) has such a terrible flaw that makes me want to chuck it out the window.

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