Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!


    T-mobile did it again.. the latest upgrade to D85130e (from D85130d) has caused more problems than prior version on LG G3.


    More sudden black out, reboots and unable to set WIFI OFF/ON.


    Yet again, tired of hearing that this update is pushed by GOOGLE or LG3 but infact very clearly it states in the

    update notification that :T-Mobile is pleased tp provide new, free update for your Android Smartphone."


    Please stop pushing this update to users!!


    Allow us to go back Lollipop, at this that one is more stable.

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      • dujucell

        Re: Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!

        I am experiencing the same issues since D85130d Android 6.0

        • tmo_lauren

          Re: Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!

          Hey there!


          While we don't develop the updates, we do definitely want to make sure they're working with your phone. Have you tried performing a master reset post update to see if this alleviates any of the issues?



            • tmob_alb

              Re: Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!

              Yes, done all the master reset as well.

                • tmo_chris

                  Re: Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!

                  I actually have a couple other users reporting similar issues after the update in this post. I am having them private message me their IMEI numbers and other bits of their device info so I can get this up to our LG contact. Feel free to shoot me a PM with your SW, IMEI, and build numbers; I can add you to the list. Also, if you want to comment on the other post, we can get a comparison going.

                    • reelnautigirl

                      Re: Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!

                      I am new to your Forum so I do not know how to private message yet but I am having the same issue with my phone rebooting several times a day and now gets hot while watching a video or playing a game and when I'm shooting a video it shuts the camera down due to overheating. All of this started happening after I updated to the D85130e. not sure what a master reset is unless that is formatting the phone. I can do that but I prefer not to. I love this phone. I used to have Samsung Galaxies 3, 4, 5 and 6 but had problems with the 6 and bought my first LG G3 and not going back but this is frustrating.

                        • tmo_chris

                          Re: Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!

                          Hey reelnautigirl. I understand the hesitance about not wanting to reset the phone but it is something that I would highly recommend and something that needs to be done before we can even look at the possibility of an exchange. We definitely want to make sure that your data is backed up so that you can be back in action after the reset and not lose any of your personal info. You can follow these steps the backup your phone and these steps to reset the phone to factory settings. Please give this a try and let me know if things get better

                            • johninpa

                              Re: Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!

                              I was experiencing the same problem. The android update to 6.0 seemed to be fine.  The next update (6.0.?) seemed to cause a lot of problems.  Wifi on an off, rebooting due to a corrupted SIM card especially.  Yesterday, I backed up to my SD card, reset and restored from the SD.  I am now back at 6.0 and everything is fine (so far).

                    • billbillw

                      Re: Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!

                      For more than a month (probably two) I keep getting notice of software update (OTA), it tries to install, it reboots, but then it stops with the Android on its back saying "ERROR".


                      There are numerous reports of the same problem with the D85130e update. For those that do get the update, it seems to be riddled with problems.


                      Please stop pushing this update until it can be evaluated and fixed.

                      • rodvarqu

                        Re: Do NOT upgrade to D85130e!

                        MY phone stopped working after the update error D85130e


                        It is not sim card not is to do gave it him a reset and the continuous problem