Samsung Galaxy GRAND Prime Bluetooth intermittently doesn't pair with existing connection




    My family has 2 Samsung Galaxy GRAND Prime phones and since they received the update to Android Version 5.1.1 Baseband Version: G530TUVU1APG1 the Bluetooth pairing to  existing connections has been intermittent. The phones each only have one paired device (primary vehicle for the phone's user) I have removed this connection from each phone, reset the Bluetooth profile in the vehicle as best as allowable through the vehicle's interface, and repaired the devices to their respective vehicles. The pairing was successful, however since doing this the phones still only intermittently pair with the vehicles. I also wiped the cache partition on one of the phones as an attempt to fix this, but the issue still remains.


    Is anyone else seeing similar issues? Are there any known issues with Bluetooth on this latest software? Aside from performing a full factory default is there anything else I can try to get these devices to pair reliably?




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