HTC 10 Out of Stock or No Longer Being Sold?


    I can't believe that after 2 months the HTC m10 is still having stocking issues on t-mobile. Is T-mobile no longer carrying the HTC 10 or is it a stocking issue. HTC-USA is saying stocking issue.


    Really ridiculous that a top tier phone has been having stocking issues in 2 months.

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      • tidbits

        Re: HTC 10 Out of Stock or No Longer Being Sold?

        If that is what HTC says then that's what it is. Not much we can do about it.

        • blackknight23

          I've asked multiple places including head of T-Mobile and HTC on Twitter and can't get a straight answer either. From my own knowledge I know T-Mobile no longer has a listing inline, several stores do not have it, and I know one store near me that still has them in stock. It appears T-Mobile discontinued selling them once stock is depleted. My guess the stores that have them ordered a high initial quantity. T-Mobile swears they will still support it, I have yet to see them live up to their claims since I've seen several updates older than a month out and we haven't been updated.