I was actually just speaking to T-Mobile customer care on an unrelated matter and my call just dropped. My calls seem to drop all the time at home with this phone and it happens a lot more when dialing 800, 877 #'s but still with regular numbers as well. Its becoming very frustrating, the in home personal cell spot device (connects to my router) doesn't seem to help or is not serving its purpose. Wasn't band 12 supposed to improve all of this in my zip code 90706? If things don't change I'm gonna have to move over to Cricket or some other cheaper alternative so my calls won't drop.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: G4 Dropping calls, especially 877, 800 #'s

        Thanks so much for reaching out!


        It sounds like there needs to be some troubleshooting completed with your device. Does this happen everywhere, or does it seem to be primarily an issue at home?



          • georatm

            Re: G4 Dropping calls, especially 877, 800 #'s

            I did a bunch of troubleshooting, I am tech savvy enough to troubleshoot my phone. The dropped calls are frequent at home though somedays i don't get any drops at all. I installed the personal cell spot and all lights show functioning, i have to be honest and say all my calls would drop before getting the personal cell spot. Indoor coverage was terrible and outside LTE data is at a snails pace due to "congestion" thats been an issue for more than three 3 years now. I don't like to use WiFI calling, many of my friends complain there calls go straight to voicemail with that call feature. Don't really know what else to do other then try getting a new phone. My HTC One M9 worked much better with calls and dropped them less frequently.

          • snn_555

            Re: G4 Dropping calls, especially 877, 800 #'s

            A Cellspot Router might be better and you can use it for wifi calling.  Mine works great.

            • tmo_chris

              Re: G4 Dropping calls, especially 877, 800 #'s

              Hey Georatm,


              I just wanted to check in with you. Are you still getting these pesky dropped calls? If so, is this still happening more frequently while at home?