Phone not blocked after account sent to collections


    Times got tough and I couldn't pay my cellphone bill. It's up to 1600 now and they sent it to collections. They want all the devices back. They blacklisted and blocked all the devices except mines.


    Earlier this year before all this my note 5 stopped working and I got a replacement through samsung thus having a different imei number. I did a imei check on all the device on the account. All of them blacklisted and blocked except mines.


    My guess is that they don't have a record of my new imei due to replacement in tmobile's system. I have another tmobile account and use my Sim in that phone. My plan is to return all the remaining devices and keep mine since it still works and eventually pay the account off and close it some time down the road.


    My question is should I keep it? Are they going to eventually figure it out and block/black list it? Cause I have a couple of weeks to return the devices before they won't except them anymore. Did I find a loop hole?

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