Excess hot spot data usage discovered


    I am using the T-Mobile hot spot as my ISP.  I bought a ZTE Falcon Z-917 from my T-Mobile store.

    After the first few hour of usage I had already used 800M+ of data.  


    I immediately, raise my quota and went looking for the source.

    I am running a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system on my lap top.

    I thought I had found the source. I thought SAMBA or maybe the

    background processes in Chrome were the source. I stopped

    SAMBA. I don't need an email server since I use G-Mail.

    And I changed all of the Chrome setting so that no assisting web

    service would be used, and stopped background processing

    when I closed by browser. I am sure these probably helped.


    After several months, the problem reappeared.

    It turns out that I normally connect to the hot spot through

    my wireless WiFi router. This link-sys router has a built-in

    DNS server. When my lap top detected the server, it let

    the server do all of the work.  Yesterday, I switched

    my lap-top connection directly to the Hot-spot.  The

    hot-spot does not have a DNS server, or my OS

    could not detect it, so on reboot, it started using

    AVAHI-Daemon (a simplified DS servier). This

    resulted in it sending out about 1K of data every

    few seconds and wait for the other devices to respond.


    This was not good.  It took me awhile to figure this out.

    So I switch back my connection to my router, and the

    extra data (and AVAHI ) went away.


    Just any FYI, for some future users who connect

    their laptop directly to the T-Mobile Hot spot (at least

    with an UBUNTU OS). I don't know what Windows will


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      • just_a_guy

        Re: Excess hot spot data usage discovered

        It seems I was wrong about the source of the SSCP messages. It turns out that the IP Address that

        was the source came from a TP Link router WR702N that I use to bridge my Link-sys router to

        the T-Mobile hot spot.  The fix was a simple. I switch the TP Link from using a "SMART ID" setting

        to using a fixed IP Address.


        Just an FYI