Where can I view my PAYG usage ?


    I am on PAYG on the $2/day package for unlimited usage.


    1. I have logged into MyTmobile but cannot find where I can check my recent calls/usage.  Where can I see that?

        Note; this is PAYG - the 'bills' link that people have on monthly accounts are not there.


    2. I topped up with $50 last week but my balance is already down to $22 - that's not $2/day. Why?


    3. I was on Gold Rewards (topups last 12 months) but they seem to nwo expire after 90

       days. Has this changed?  If I don't use my phone for 90 days, will T-mobile close the

       account, lose my credit and they'll take away my mobile numbner ?



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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Where can I view my PAYG usage ?

        1) PAYG has no usage to view on http://my.t-mobile.com.  The only usage available is what's on your device.


        2) I don't know what $2/day plan you're quoting.  The $2 plan has been gone for a year now (unless you've been grandfathered on it and NEVER changed your plan).  It almost sounds like you may be doing the $3/mo plan and have gone over the 30 included minute and are being charged a dime a minute?


        3) If you changed your plan, I think Gold no longer exists.