Screen freezing and fading to black


    So I saw this conversation started but not necessarily finished.  I have an LG G3, I have had it since March of 2015 and did not get the coverage.  (I have had cell phones since they first came out, have NEVER had an issue and due to it not being my fault, this is upsetting)  I have never dropped it nor have I gotten water on it and it does have a case and a screen protector as well.  However, my phone, like others, has started freezing then the screen fades to black.  I have tried power off and restart but it doesn't help.  My husband purchased the phone for me and I am unable to locate where to see if it was refurbished or not, although that may not make a difference.  Do I need to send it straight into LG, and if so, how do I do that?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Screen freezing and fading to black

        Hey there and thanks for dropping by.


        Have you tried to wipe the cache partition or reset the phone? Those can help with getting the phone's screen to behave normally. Did your husband buy it from an official T-Mobile retail store or from our website? Keep me posted and we'll figure this out.

        • caram

          Re: Screen freezing and fading to black

          So this is what I was told:

          "Software failure.  Out of warranty by date code.  Components on board/major problem without replace any housing"   Repair only $78, repair with full refurbish, $193


          Since the only thing wrong was the software (my phone itself was in gorgeous shape), I am just going to get the repair done.  Hopefully there won't be any problems.  Currently I have an LG5 (that was originally my husband's  Verizon phone) that I took to TMobile to have them switch my service so I could get my LG3 repaired.  The ONLY thing I can do is text and make phone calls.  I cannot use 4G capabilities at all unless I am connected to a wireless server.  Took it back to TMobile to find out why and they said they had no clue.  I think I need to start looking at other carriers.  Makes me kind of sad because I switched after 14 years with Sprint due to a better data plan with TMobile but the issues I am having is not worth it.