Switching account/device in mobile app


    I have two devices associated with my-t-mobile id (phone and hot-spot).


    Logging into my-t-mobile from my lap top (browser), I can switch between the two device number that are associated to my userid.

    However, I can not find a way to do the same thing with the mobile app.  I tried logging out and back in, but it always gives me

    the same device (i.e. my phone).


    Is there a way to do on my phone what I do on my laptop - yes or no? If the answer is no, then an explanation is not needed.

    If yes, please tell me how to do it.



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      • just_a_guy

        Re: Switching account/device in mobile app

        I found out that the mobile app allows for multipe devices (accounts) under user profile.

        My problem was expecting the change to take effect almost immediately. I made the change

        via  my lap top. I expected it would appear on my phone if I just logged in, after the change

        to the account was made. It took at leas 1+ days for the change to be visible on the mobile app.


        I guess I am just to use to change being made in one place and then viewable across all devices.


        Thanks for letting me ask the question.