I'm currently abroad, got the text message about free international 2G unlimited data included with my plan, but after turning on the data, I get text messages about $50, $100, $200, and $500 charges. Is there really a charge?




    I'm really confused about my situation. So it all started with international roaming. Usually whenever I got to a country, I get a text message about free unlimited international 2G data, and the data works instantly without a problem.


    I just arrived in Macau, and I received the same text message. But this time, the data didn't work. I turned the phone off, took out the sim, everything, the data wouldn't go back on.


    I followed one of T-Mobile's online tutorial and it said to run #766# to turn on roaming, and so I did. I got prompted with a message that says something along the lines of, "International roaming enabled, countries not included will incur a $15/MB charge."


    So of course, I go online and check to make sure Macau was in the Simple Choice Plan supposed countries list, and it was. So I thought I was all good, or was I?


    After turning on the data, I ran a speedtest, and instantly received a text message about a $50 charge. A few seconds later, I received a text message about a $100 charge. Then a few minutes later, I got another text message about a $200 charge. Then another few minutes later, I get another text message about a $500 charge. I wasn't even using my data at all!


    Obviously im scared of being charged $500 for something that I was told was FREE. And so i contacted T-Mobile. I'm not the account holder, therefore not able to retrieve the SSN of the account holder because he's in the states and I'm currently not.


    I do appreciate T-Mobile and their security, but I don't understand why telling me if I received a charge or not is a huge security risk. The funny thing is, it's not even my fault for these text messages. I got a text message saying that I have FREE UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL DATA AT 2G SPEEDS, and that the country I'm in (Macau) was listed in their included countries as well, so how exactly was i supposed to know?


    If anybody else had encountered this issue before, could you please tell me if you actually got charged $500? I'm really scared about this so please help me out.

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