LG G3 replacement are not avalable. Screen fading and flickering and Wi-fi not working.


    So it seems there is an issue with LG G3 screens fading/flickering and Wi-Fi not turning on. I started to experince this about 3 weeks agao after doing the latest update to Marshmellow. I've been on the phone with T-Mobile support 3 times, now they are willing to replace the device because I have insurance. There is one big problem, they want to send me a Samsung GS5 as a replacement. Hmmm seems odd I thought maybe he made a mistake and he said no the LG G3 is not available. OK that seems true because I couldn't find any pre-owned ones on T-mobiles website but I see the LG G4 which has the same monthly fee about $10 same as the GS5, so why not send that instead of the Samsung. Seems funny to me. If I buy a Honda and take it in for an issue and they say well we can't fix it so we're going to relace the car but instead we're going to give you a Toyota, althogh very good, I don't want that, I want the same brand I bought. I really debating calling and closing my account

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