iIs Binge On offered ontablet/hotspot prepaid plans?


    I'm hoping to totally cut the cord so to say and go completely wireless for all my devices including my PC and TV. So I've bought a Sim Kit to switch my phone over and I'm looking at purchasing a hotspot as well. However it seems with the Binge On feature I might be better of to simply get a 2nd phone with the mobile hotspot app. I'd prefer a hotspot but to me it's not clear if Binge On is part of the tablet/hotspot data plans.  I'd like to pay around 100 a month for my phone service and all data if possible. So can I do like a family plan one line for phone and 2nd line for hotspot?

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        Excellent question uncannyeric and thanks for posting.


        You should check out the Data Plan section of our Binge On page. It's got a breakdown of exactly what's included for prepaid plans. The biggest thing to consider when picking a data plan is knowing what perks you get. For example, opting for the plans with 3 GB of data or higher allows you to take advantage of streaming supported services without it consuming your high-speed allotment. You can set up a family plan with 2 lines as you mentioned, just keep in mind the data feature you're opting for.



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