Stop alienating Windows Phone/Pre-paid users!


    Alright, I understand that Windows Phones aren't the normal phone, and are a very niche group of users, but you actively support Windows Phones on your site, and even sell them. So, why can't I download the My T-Mobile app or participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays? Because I'm pre-paid I can't use the website, which is total bulls**t, by the way, but because I use a Windows Phone I can't download the app and participate either.


    I am a paying and loyal customer. Because of my choice in phone, I don't get the same services? How is that even legal? By the way, my choice in phone was mostly due to physical limitations and having a young child, I chose a phone with a  good camera and editing software to capture the important moments of his growing up. Now I find out, that these awesome offers that could create amazing memories, aren't available to me, a paying customer.


    How can you say you support windows phones and train your employees to say the apps are universal when you know it's 100% bulls**t and lies?


    How about, instead of alienating us, you write the code that allows compatibility for Windows Phone users, which, by the way, is really easy to do, and put it on the Windows Phone store? By the way, I'm using a phone that will only support Windows 8.1 due to issues with the Win10 build on this device.


    So get your crap together and support the phones and customers you claim to support!