LG G5 back light bleed


    I bought an LG G5 just over a month ago and love it. I recently noticed a dark shadow in the upper right hand corner of the display and asked for a warranty replacement. I drove to the store two days ago to pick it up, and immediately noticed a sizable in the phone's primer-paint coat near the button you press to release the battery. I'm guessing somebody used a sharp tool to open it and chipped the phone. So I asked for another warranty replacement, which arrived at the store today. I inspected the phone. I made sure the GPS was working correctly and flashed various solid backgrounds in order to check for dead pixels. When I got back to my office, I dimmed the lights to watch a movie, and noticed the back light was bleeding all over the screen. It's an LCD display and I understand some bleeding is to be expected...but this is ridiculous. I'm frustrated. I really like this phone...a lot. But LG's quality control is basically non-existent. I'm miffed at T-Mobile, too, because I don't understand how they can ship a refurbished phone that still has defects. I've asked T-Mobile reps to please note my order so that specifically the screen is tested before my replacement is sent out. I just don't get it.


    If you've had a similar problem, what has been the outcome? If I continue to get defective phones, at what point do I give up? Or should I contact LG directly and ask them to fix my phone?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: LG G5 back light bleed

        Wow this is a sad story.   Since you recently got it from us, I suggest giving the warranty exchange another shot. This isn't a known issue with this phone so it's surprising this has happened. You can reach out to LG to see if they have any thoughts on this, but you should allow us to replace it for you through the warranty.

          • rebelde0

            Re: LG G5 back light bleed

            I appreciate the e-mail back. I just couldn't do it. I went through four

            phones and just couldn't handle a fifth. I ended up paying off half my

            phone's balance in order to "jump" to an HTC 10 that is flawless and works

            as it should. I am definitely not happy I had to shell out so much money

            just to get a phone that isn't defective. Also, if you google "LG G5 back

            light bleed" or "LG G5 screen issues" you'll realize that this is a well

            documented problem. Also, the representative from whom I bought the HTC 10

            said a lot of T-Mobile customers were complaining about it, too. I did

            think about reaching out to LG, but their turnaround time is two weeks. You

            guys don't offer loaner phones anymore and I can't be without a phone for

            two weeks. These are LG phones made by LG. The defects are on them. What

            does make me angry, however, is that apparently T-Mobile doesn't inspect

            the refurbished phones they send out. I specifically asked the

            representatives, "Please note my account so that the screen is specifically

            checked for before issuing me a replacement." Either they did not check or

            simply didn't care.


            Thanks for hearing me out.