Tmobile internet too slow


    So I'm in the process of upgrading internet providers and for the moment I don't have Wi-Fi. I've almost never used T-Mobile's internet, but now that I need to, I came to realize that I can't even watch a youtube video.

    The so called 4g LTE is so slow that just navigating all the way to this post is a real pain. The picture shows the average in the evening which is mostly the same as in the morning. But at night (around 9 pm onwards) it's just ridiculously slow.

    Yes, I've tried everything from restarting the phone to removing battery and SIM, still nothing.

    No I didn't exceeded my plan.

    All my family have T-Mobile accounts and are experiencing the same problem.

    What is happening?


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      • theartiszan

        Re: Tmobile internet too slow

        Sounds like the tower you are connected to does not have the throughput enough to carry everything that is using it. I usually get 10 Mbps or higher.

        Might want to give T-Mobile a call and file a service request to let them know.

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          • stevetjr

            Re: Tmobile internet too slow

            I would agree that something is definitely not right as that is not what I typically see here in Atlanta or in my case out in the boonies of NW Atlanta.


            A couple of questions is, 1) what market are you in 2) what type of phone?  If a Samsung from the dialer dial *#0011# and see if it shows Band 2, 4 or 12.  The reason I ask is that Band 12 which has been launched in a number of markets and carries much farther than 2 or 4 and penetrates buildings much better is a much narrower channel than as in most cases Band 4 which is T-Mobile's primary LTE band in most markets.  Band 4 in most markets is 15x15 Mhz or like in Atlanta is 20x20 but Band 12 in all markets that it is available is only 5x5. When I recently moved cell reception was spotting in the neighborhood because it is surrounded by trees and in a bit of a geographic bowl but shortly after moving to this neighborhood thankfully T-Mobile launched Band 12 in the market and now I have reliable service again, however it is not blazing fast like it is as soon as I leave the neighborhood. One other and this is just a technical reality is that why low band (Band 12 700Mhz A Block) carries farther and penetrates better just by its shear nature of being a lower frequency it doesn't have the same capacity/bandwidth as the higher bands so will be slower. Even with that it shouldn't be as slow as you are seeing unless that many folks are on it and all using Band 12 or as theartiszan suggesting a tower or backhaul issue.


            As you can see below this is what I see typically around the Atlanta area (Mostly OTP if you know Atlanta) although none of these include at home but here they are in the 20Mbps range.



              • tedabb

                Re: Tmobile internet too slow

                Now that's some decent speed. I have a LG G4 so I don't know how to check the band, I can't dial that number, however  the T-Mobile site says that my phone supports band 12. Calling tmobile they told me that my area is LTE covered and shouldn't have any problem getting higher speeds, and checking the coverage map, I'm in an area that says "excellent" (I live just outside Washington D.C. next to a metro station) however I do live on the top floor of an apartment complex of just 5 floors and the signal is already a joke. I'll check the speed on my workplace tomorrow to see what comes up, otherwise I'll have to call them again I guess...

                Thanks for the help so far.