I purchased my tmobile version s2 on ebay. It is synced to my phone and all seems to be working well.


    My question is,  if I do not setup call forwarding (I don't want to use the watch to make/receive calls), will the data I use simply be deducted from my wireless data plan?


    The watch connects to the tmobile network when bluetooth is off or my phone is out of range with no problems. Does this mean the $5/mo tmobile charges is for call forwarding only?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Data usage?

        Greetings and thanks for reaching out.


        You get to take advantage of more than just call forwarding with the wearable plan. Take a look at our Wearable plan FAQs page for more information. For example, this plan has includes it's own 500 MB data feature.