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    I had my phone for 2yrs and I cracked my screen days after having it I did not get the phone replaced because the phone still worked now it's starting to malfunction trying to get an replacement phone but I lost my imei number that came with the phone, with an ZTE zmax there is not an back to take off and see this number and I screwed on getting an replacement

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        Re: Imei number

        If the screen is still working/legible, try dialing *#06#. This will display your IMEI #.


        1. From any Home screen, tap the All apps All Apps.png icon.
        2. Tap Settings.
        3. Scroll to the 'SYSTEM' heading, then tap About phone.
        4. Tap Status.
        5. Scroll to and view the IMEI number.

        Otherwise, try calling customer care, as they should have your IMEI # on file.