Cant stream video on Youtube, Facebook, or Chrome




        I have an M9 Bought it cash, brand new from the T-mobile store about 3 months ago. Love the phone it's great. It's never been dropped, never been in water. And worked flawless till this month. I switched to the simple choice plan for $65 a month for binge on when I bought the device. I have 6gb of data per month. Last month I used all my data, and was waiting for the billing cycle to renew so I could watch my videos again. My cycle renewed on the 6th of this month, and since then I cannot stream videos on fb, youtube, or chrome. So these are the steps I have taken so far:


    1. Powered down my phone, and restarted

    2. Uninstalled all updates and reinstalled, after I checked to see if the base version would fix the problem.

    3. Cleared all app cache, and wiped cache partition on the phone.

    4. Ran speed test and the download speeds are where they should be, I can download apps and files just fine.

    5. Called customer support they said they were having issues with a tower in my area, and that it should be resolved in 3 days.

    6. Called back 4 days later because the problem still existed, the customer service rep said she would contact and engineer and call me back withing 24 hours.

    7. They called me back and asked if it still had the same issue, which it did, the customer service rep told me that it was network congestion and credited 10 dollars to my account for the inconvenience.


    Its now been 7 days since my cycle started, I STILL cannot stream video, I want a solution to this problem because what is the point of paying for a service if it doesn't work properly. I decided to make a post here to see if anyone in the community had any insight and could help me fix my issue. Thanks in advance!

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