Familywhere - do you like it? Is it unknown to the child?


    I am asking those who have Familywhere if it is working well for them...  also if it is known by the child that they are being tracked.


    1- Are they informed when the service is signed up for?

    2-Are they informed (maybe texted) each time they are being tracked?

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      • cowbladder

        I use this and like the service.  However, I believe it is run by a third party and is a bit cumbersome to access from your phone versus a pc.  It tells me where each phone is located usually within 50 yards.  This has been true for all Android phones.  However, my daughter's iPhones have not been so accurate and will sometime only give me her location with in a mile or two.  It does not notify the person you are tracking them as you are doing it.  But it does send a text out about once a month to all phones on your plan that they are trackable by the account owner.