Familywhere - do you like it? Is it unknown to the child?


    I am asking those who have Familywhere if it is working well for them...  also if it is known by the child that they are being tracked.


    1- Are they informed when the service is signed up for?

    2-Are they informed (maybe texted) each time they are being tracked?

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      • cowbladder

        I use this and like the service.  However, I believe it is run by a third party and is a bit cumbersome to access from your phone versus a pc.  It tells me where each phone is located usually within 50 yards.  This has been true for all Android phones.  However, my daughter's iPhones have not been so accurate and will sometime only give me her location with in a mile or two.  It does not notify the person you are tracking them as you are doing it.  But it does send a text out about once a month to all phones on your plan that they are trackable by the account owner.

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        • magenta3955142

          This created MORE problem than solved. I activated it for the 30 days trial, and text message went out to EVERYONE on the account. They did not even give me the option to block that notification. That was only step one in the problem.

          The teenager who got the message was now pissed. To mitigate the situation I disabled the service.

          tmobile did NOT send a message when the tracking stopped. So now I have a teenager who does not believe be that they are not being tracked.


          Instead if helping, they made it more difficult. Adding the poor reception, I think we will move away from tmobile to something else.

          • inntech

            I have the problem with Familywhere app for getting the iPhone's location.  It is always low accuracy compare to Android phones which are very accurate. Would you please help me to fix this problem? Thanks.

              • tmo_marissa

                Hey there, inntech! I totally respect your willingness to troubleshoot, but I have to tell you that this likely is not a problem with your device or the service. We're aware that "Only the approximate location (the nearest cell tower) of iOS (Apple) devices on your account will display in FamilyWhere" and call this out in our FamilyWhere documentation here. There may be third party/iOS exclusive apps you can use for that particular device that might yield a more clear result, but as far as FamilyWhere is concerned this is just a limitation of how the app and system work with iOS equipment.