LTE slow speeds (between 30-120 kbps regularly), I live near t-mobile offices O'Hare (Chicago)


    I've been very disappointed lately with the speed of my connection, as it is not even  enough to watch 480p youtube videos without buffering for minutes. There's only few times in the morning and night when the connection is reliable (when few people use it), it reaches 8-14 Mbps which is solid, but I almost never have the chance to use my phone during that time.


    Traveling around a bit around the city it doesn't get better consistently, so it's not one data tower.


    I have an unlimited plan, which should not be getting throttled.


    Is there any way to fix this? Anything I can do not not be constantly frustrated when doing anything at all? When the problems are at their worst chat apps can't connect... It's bytes of info sending and receiving a line of text but it proves very difficult.


    Phone: Nexus 6p

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