International roaming -- impact of 3 different settings...


    Headed to Germany, Ireland and England. T-mobile shows Simple Choice coverage in all these areas and that my LG G4 will work on those networks, but I still have some confusion. There are 3 different ways I can impact my phones ability to "roam":

    • In my profile, I can turn "Block charge international roaming" on or off
    • From my phone I can dial #766# or #763#
    • In my phone's settings->network->mobile data->Mobile Networks I can enable or disable "Data roaming".


    What I want to accomplish is the following:

    • Let me use data anywhere it is included in my simple choice plan.
    • Do not let me use data when I am in an area where I would incur incremental costs / not covered by simple choice.


    How do I configure this? My guess is that the following will work:

    • In my profile, turn on "Block charge international roaming"
    • #766# and #763# don't matter.
    • Enable "data roaming" in my phone's settings.

    I beieve this will enable data service in countries covered by simple choice but will protect me from inccuring costs if I travel to a country not covered by Simple Choice.


    Can someone tell me if ths is correct? If not, please help me understand, thanks!



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