At some point a section was going to open for "Business" Users


    I think there should be one.

    We are a small business-7 lines.   Like most small businesses, the phones are used for both business and personal use.  The pricing, at least until we reach 10 lines, is the same as for a personal account.  

         We do get the Tuesday specials.  (We were not offered the stock option.) We also get the "on carrier" offerings.


          I am in real estate related business.  Most of the people I deal with our small businesses that would have 4 to 10 lines.   I do not want to forward business to T-Mobile to get a gratuity.  I would just refer people to T-Mobile because I think it would serve them better. Suggestion:  I am assigned a business rep, although I have never had need to call him.  I would be willing to hand out a business card with his name on one side and a quick summary of what T-Mobile offers on the other.

      Example:  I serve on district board of directors that covers a special tax district here in Oakland.  I was talking with another director, who travels overseas. He is a lawyer in a three-man office.  He was unaware that T-Mobile offers "free" international roaming.  The international terminal at SFO has had no ads that I could see promoting that feature.  I did see a lot at the Atlanta airport about 18 months ago.  


       Two questions:

    1.  Who would I contact offers suggestions for promotions.

    2.  Who would I contact to acknowledge outstanding customer service, on the business side?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Great questions!


        For your second question, you can send me PM with his name and I can make sure your business rep gets your kudos. Your first question I'll need to run by some of my contacts. Using social media is always an option, but I'll check on a more "formal" for customer's to pitch their promo ideas. We always appreciate you recommending us, so thanks!