Lumia Icon (929) Texting Issues


    Just switched over from Verizon to T-Mobile. My Lumia Icon works fine, except when texting it will not allow pictures to be attached. And I can not receive texts with pictures either. My research seems to point to needing to change the MMS APN, but I'm running Windows 10 Mobile and that setting is not available to change.Under Sim settings I can change the Internet APN, but there is nowhere to change the MMS APN.

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      • mpippa

        Re: Lumia Icon (929) Texting Issues

        This is mpippa, just wanted to update you on this problem: I rolled back to Windows Mobile 8.1, and was able to add the server address to the internet APN (which I couldn't do in Windows Mobile 10) and VIOLA! I can again send/receive pictures in my text messages! I guess it's just a Windows 10 thing. Hope Microsoft can fix that. Until then, I guess it'll be Good ole 8.1!