S7 Edge will not boot past T-Mobile Logo


    Yesterday I downloaded a file security App from the Play store and decided that I didn't like it. After uninstalling it, I began having problems with my phone. It would not allow me to install another App. I thought that it might be something wrong with the system memory so I rebooted the phone, unfortunately I cannot get past the T-Mobile logo now.


    Sometimes the phone will also cycle repeatedly through the Galaxy 7 screen and freeze up on the animated Samsung logo.


    I found out how to get into the Android Recovery menu and tried doing "wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache partition", unfortunately these did not work either.


    At the bottom of the Recovery menu there appears to be two error codes in red letters.


    "dm-verity verification failed..."

    "Need to check DRK first..."


    Is there anything else that I can do to get my phone working again? Should I take it into my local T-Mobile store?

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      • makarios

        Re: S7 Edge will not boot past T-Mobile Logo

        You need to reflash your ROM using ODIN. Usually I would not recommand this if you have never done it before, but since you are already stuck in a bootloop, there's not really much further down-hill you can go.


        However I'm not sure what the forum policies are here for discussing ROM flashing (even if it's official).


        Short non-descriptive answer is that you need to first completely wipe both cache's, then download the official stock ROM for your phone and reflash.

          • kumo77

            Re: S7 Edge will not boot past T-Mobile Logo

            Thank you for the reply.


            That is what I was afraid of. I don't want to do that because I heard that it voids the warranty and if something goes wrong in the process, I end up with a completely useless phone.


            Earlier this week, I ended up taking the phone into one of our local T-Mobile stores. The rep that handled my problem informed me that the warranty with cover for the boot loop and that a replacement phone will arrive in a week.

          • matesny

            Re: S7 Edge will not boot past T-Mobile Logo

            You probably need to disable the Lookout Security before installing any other. That may have been the culprit but I'm glad the warranty took care of it for you.