Unlocking a Device Bought As A Gift


    You buy a T-Mobile branded device from a T-Mobile store or online from T-Mobile to gift it to somebody else. You pay the phone in full. This may also be the case in BOGO offers where one of the phones need not be associated with a line on the account. The receiver of the gift is not a T-Mobile customer and will not be using the phone on T-Mobile Network.


    Obviously the first Unlock Requirement for Smartphones can not be satisfied, which requires the device to be active on the account for at least 40 days.


    Surely without unlocking the phone the "perfect gift idea" you had in mind while buying the phone is completely ruined!


    I've been working with T-Force AND phone support personnel to enable unlocking of the phone in such cases and hopefully it will yield a positive result.


    If you are in such a situation, before contacting T-Mobile for unlock, you probably need to insert your own sim card into the gift phone and make a few calls / SMS so that the phone registers its IMEI in T-Mobile Network.


    Next step is to try the T-Mobile Unlock App (after you know phone's IMEI is registered on the network) with your sim card in it. You also need to be on T-Mobile Network while running the Unlock App as it does not work over WiFi.


    The Unlock App is more than likely to fail, so the final step is to contact T-Mobile to "Make An Exception" and provide you with an unlock code.


    I can not guarantee that an exception can be made in all cases but if the account has good history with T-Mobile I believe the chances are pretty good.

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