Camera not working


    I wanted to know if anyone experience their rear facing camera not working. My camera all of a sudden stop working and my front face camera work but the pictures come out upside down. I did a master reset on my phone three times and my camera still isn't working. I was wondering if anyone had this problem and if so how did u fix this problem.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Camera not working

        This isn't an issue we have otherwise seen.


        Have you been able to find a resolution?



          • watkins.trina

            Re: Camera not working

            No I have not.  They suggest I turn the phone into the manufacturing company to get it fix but this is my only phone. I cant go weeks without. And they wont give me a phone to use while this one is getting fix.  Which sucks.

          • janekdoe21

            Re: Camera not working

            Mine started not working. The front facing camera wdnt open any time i clicked the icon it just kept closing. Now not only is it my front facing its the entire thing. I clock on the camera icon and it just closes out saying "camera not working reopen app". Then it closes again.

            • yvonneiscool9

              Re: Camera not working

              I've been complaining about my flashlight and camera and stop working for over two months now. Also I've been complaining about it my phone overheating and not charging appropriately...I've been told that they haven't had any kind of complaints like this at all. come to find out there's a recall on the rebel to about the battery come to find out there's a recall on the revvl 2. And online there's a bunch of people complaining about the camera and the battery. Also I'm told since I didn't buy the insurance they can't help me at all. I am disabled and limited income. It's not right!!