Slow LTE Data on Unlimited High Speed Internet plan.


    So I have a Samsung Galaxy S6.

    I bought the $45 high speed unlimited data plan. Not quite happy at all. I been having it for over 2 months and at the beginning it was great. Fast loading youtube videos, music streaming. To clarify, Not once have I gone over 4gb of data as I have 300mps home wifi and is mostly what I use. Only reason I got it was to stream music while driving as I take far trips from home to work. Anyways I been getting crappy connection with under 200kbps.

    Rarely do I see 1mbp let alone over 500kbps.  

    I understand throttling but my last total GB usage was 3.2 GB. High speeds where over 12mpbs before and on high peak times about 5mps. Now the speeds of 200kbps been going on for over 3 weeks. Shouldn't I be getting priority? Bill of $142 a month for a service I'm not getting is pretty much a rip-off.

    Anyone else having this similar kind of issues?

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