Help Settling A Collections Debt!


    I have a notification on my Credit report stating that I owe a debt collection agency money which is from T-mobile, and it has been sent to collections. I never received any information in regards to a debt before hand and I am still a current T-Mobile customer, OTHERWISE I would have paid it. I want to work with T-Mobile directly to pay off my debt. I do not want to contact the Debt Collection agency AGAIN. I have no problem at all paying off my debt, but I want this removed from my Credit report ASAP, because it is very damaging. I am very willing to work with T-Mobile to resolve this issue.  I do not have Facebook or a Twitter. I would like to E-Mail directly or speak to someone over the phone.


    Thank you!!!

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Help Settling A Collections Debt!

        They don't have an email address, it either has to be in writing, social media or you can dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone to talk to a live person.


        This is more of a user support forum and the handful of T-Mobile employees on this site don't have access to customer account information.

        • e2k

          Re: Help Settling A Collections Debt!

          1. Do not call - calling does not preserve your rights. You need to create a paper trail.
          2. Gather all of your documentation.
          3. Learn about the Fair Credit Reporting and Fair Credit Billing Acts
          4. Write a letter to T-Mobile and the collection agency. Cite the aforementioned acts as appropriate, and ask for a full accounting of all charges.
          5. If things seem amiss & are not getting resolved, file a credit dispute with the credit reporting agencies.


          Send a letter to

          T-Mobile Customer Relations
          PO Box 37380
          Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Help Settling A Collections Debt!

            We definitely want to get this taken care of for you kyeshaqueen. I just want to echo what's already been mentioned by our fellow members. We don't have an e-mail you can send to but you're welcome to call 611 or mail Customer Relations team. Regardless of what method you choose, we want to help get this squared away for you. Thanks for posting.

            • xaryan

              Re: Help Settling A Collections Debt!

              I am having the same issue, on talking to the collection agency they told me that the debt occurred back in 2014 and they can't tell me what it is for, so they told me I need to contact T-Mobile, it's 2017 now FYI. I never received any bill any receipt any letter any email or nothing about the debt neither from T-Mobile nor from the collection company. I have never missed even a single payment for the T-Mobile and this is how they treat me. T-mobile so far has no idea what that debt is all about. Customer Rep. told me that they cannot see any records what so ever about the debt or anything. Whatever it is, T-Mobile hit me when I needed my credit the most. I went to purchase a car, before that my credit was Excellent, with one blow, for the first time my credit score dropped less than 700 and was offered extremely high-interest rate.


              Upon calling T-Mobile, the rep told me he gonna dispute it and it's gonna take a week. This entire fiasco ha not only been an inconvenience but has made me suffer financially.


              Getting back to the discussion,

              kyeshaqueen how did you managed to email CEO, can you share that with us?

              • spartanphysique17

                Did you get your issue resolved..amazing how many people have similar issues, looks like Tmobile is committing residual violations of the FCRA of 1970 and the CCA