Amsher/Tmobile Collection Help!


    Hopefully someone can give me some insight on what actions I should take.


    Long story short, I changed my mind about switching to T-mobile back in Oct 2015. I received temp numbers, but never went through with the switch. As in, never received phones, used service. Went back to T-mobile the next day and changed my mind. The employee that signed me up told me he would cancel the account and I wouldn't need to do anything.


    Come April, I get a letter from T-mobile claiming I owe them $650 and that they closed my account... Needless to say, during this entire 6 month or so period, I never once received a bill from T-mobile. I went back to the employee that opened the account and he admitted it was a T-mobile mistake and I shouldn't be held liable for any of the charges. He even called into T-mobile to get it resolved and explained the situation.


    Now this past week I see that a collection account was opened on my credit report. After contacting T-mobile, they told me they couldn't do anything more and that I'd have to contact Amsher. Contacted Amsher and they told me I needed to contact T-mobile.... What the F...

    I've already filed credit disputes with all 3 credit agencies, but now I'm at a dead-end. What do I do...

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Amsher/Tmobile Collection Help!

        This is more of a user support forum and handful of T-Mobile employees on this site are more moderators and can help with some technical advice but don't have access to any kind of account info.


        For a quicker response I would suggest reaching out to T-Force on Facebook, Twitter and etc.  I have attached a link which will explain and has links to their social media pages where the response is usually pretty quick.


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        • e2k

          Re: Amsher/Tmobile Collection Help!

          • Don't call - it does not preserve your rights.
          • Gather all of your documentation.
          • Research the Fair Credit Reporting and Fair Credit Billing Acts
          • Write letters to T-Mobile and the collection agency, thoroughly explaining the situation.
          • Be professional and persistent until the matter is resolved


          T-Force is somewhat of an escalated method of contacted T-Mobile.


          To contact T-Force

          Go to the Contact Us page and use the Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus link under in the “Social Support” section.


          Send a letter to

          T-Mobile Customer Relations
          PO Box 37380
          Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

          • tmo_lauren

            Re: Amsher/Tmobile Collection Help!

            Just here to echo advice above, you will want to contact us directly, my suggestion is T-Force, to see how we can assist!