Does T-Mobile's LG G4 work well in western europe (France, Germany, Netherlands)?


    A family member that also owns the LG G4 is headed to Europe for a few weeks this summer  -- planning to go to France, Germany and the Netherlands. How well does data on the LG G4 from T-Mobile (H811) work in these regions?


    I've looked at the frequency bands supported on the H811 vs. H815 (international version) and in various wikipedia articles on LTE and UMTS bands used in Europe. On the surface it looks like the G3 H811 (T-mobile version) supports all the GSM and 3G (UMTS) frequencies used in the contries they are visiting but has spotty LTE frequency support for those countries.


    Based on this, I would expect their experience to be:

    • They will get good voice and 3G support while using T-Mobile's international plan (free data and 20-cent/minute calling)
    • 4G (LTE) coverage will be "random", depending on the region they are traveling in.


    My conclusion is that it's not worth purchasing a high-speed data pass.


    Can anyone tell me if this sounds right?



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