How does international texting work on Simple Plan?


    I landed in France a few days ago, and I received a text message telling me my plan gives me access to unlimited text and data at 2G speeds. I believe I have the data figured out (I had to turn on roaming in settings or else my phone wouldn't be connected - I'm assuming this is correct) but I'm still confused with texting.


    If I text someone back in the US who is not on T-Mobile or does not have international texting, does my message even go through? Does their carrier charge them if they reply to me? Though this might seem like a pointless simple question I'd hate to make someone unknowingly rack up unwanted bills.


    My phone is a Galaxy S4 if that's relevant.



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      • smplyunprdctble

        It works as if you're in the US.

        You might need to make sure their phone number is in the format of +1-404-555-1212 (need the +1 -- the hyphens are just grouping for me, you can use parentheses, or spaces or nothing.  It just needs +14045551212).


        The recipient will not get charged anything for receiving a text (unless their plan says they get charged for receiving any texts).  It's coming from a US number.  They don't care where you are.  It's the sender's responsibility to get it from them to the recipient.


        If they text you back, they only get charged whatever their carrier charges to send a text to the US, as they are texting a US number.  It's not their responsibility to know if you're in the US, Canada, France, or Saturn.  Once the text gets to the recipient's carrier, it's the recipient's duty to pay any extra fees to get it to wherever in the universe they are.  In this case, T-Mobile includes texting, so you're fine.  No additional fees.


        In short, no fees for either side, assuming both sides have texting on their plans.

        • smplyunprdctble

          The same concept above goes for calling as well.


          If your neighbor back home called you and you answered the phone, they won't get charged.  You'll get charged whatever roaming calling rate you have on your plan (I think it's 20c/min, but don't quote me).