Ridiculous Requirements of StockUp for Free Share of Stock


    T-Mobile offered me a free share of their stock for being a loyal customer. To receive it, I had to click on a link and open an account with a company called StockUp. They required that I provide my Social Security number and bank account routing and account numbers. Now they're telling me that they want me to photograph and send them my passport and Social Security card. WTF? So far, they haven't asked for fingerprints and a DNA sample, but that will probably be next.

    Has anyone else experienced this?  I thought that providing my bank account numbers was over the top.  Now they want photos of my SS card and passport!  Seems to me that putting all of my important data out there is a risky idea for a $40 share of stock.  With all of the corporate hacking that goes on, I don't want to share this stuff.

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