(Bait and) Switch


    Hi, folks, I'm a newly-minted switcher from USCellular, and so far, it's been a disaster. I'll try to be brief. Yesterday, I went to theTmobile store & switched from USCellular. I got an LG K10 and everything was going smoothly...until today. I needed some help with my brand-new device, so I popped into Tmobile Help on Twitter. To make a long story short, by checking my device's IMEI, Tmobile Help (meaning corporate) and I discovered that someone at my local Tmobile store sold me an LG K10 box (says so on the box) with an LG Neon device inside. Neither TMobile Help nor I am amused. I'll be going back to my Tmobile store in the next few days to return this Neon in K10's clothing. I'd like to ask for anyone's help in picking an Android device to replace this LG, at a price comparable to a legitimate LG K10, Thank you.

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