G3 Users - Do not upgrade to Marshmallow! Roll back to Lollipop!


    Ever since I upgraded to Marshmallow I had problems with the battery.  Then my SIM card was not recognized making the phone useless. I went to the T-mobile store they told me the phone was bad and I should upgrade.  THIS IS A SOFTWARE ISSUE! DO NOT ACCEPT THE 6.0 UPGRADE. I spent three days hard and soft resetting trying to get the phone to work with Marshmallow.  I have since flashed (no root) to previous version of the Lollipop OS D85120G.  I am of the opinion that T-mobile screwed up here since the LG website says that D85120G (Lollipop) is the most current version of the OS for the T-Mobile  G3 (LG D851) not the D85130D (Marshmallow).  If you are having problems ROLL YOUR PHONE BACK TO LOLLIPOP.  The "upgrade" is just not worth it.  They must know this is a problem they just don't care about us guys.  They would rather we just buy a new phone.

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